Bad user authentication (BIND, REFRESH) errors


For at least one week we observe sporadic “Bad user authentication (BIND, REFRESH)” errors coming from client devices trying to connect to a Realm-cloud instance.

This instance hosts just one realm database, which is accessed via single user account(user/pass). The same error occurs when we’re connected with Realm Studio(using the same account) after some time period.

Please advise - is this a known Realm Cloud issue?


Hi @Ivo_Dimitrov,

The “Bad user authentication (BIND, REFRESH)” message is a client level error.

Per the client error descriptions, the expected cause is:

Indicates that the server has produced a bad token, or that the SDK has done something wrong.

If you are still seeing this error intermittently can you provide some more details including:

  • The version(s) of the client SDK you are encountering this error with
  • Your Realm Studio version
  • How frequently this error occurs
  • Whether the occurs for all your Realm Cloud instances or is specific to one or more instances